May 1 - May 6 2023

Livecoding in a tiny Spanish village

This sprint event is bringing livecoding community (both old and new) to gather under the same wine shade in the village hidden in the Spanish mountains, right on the border with Portugal.

We labeled it as a "sprint" for its condensed format.

But in the true spirit of the livecoding community, the actual objective is to provide time and space for everyone to work on livecoding infrastructure, tooling and systems; which both the community and society at large will be able to benefit from.

Sprint in Sende is everything but not a sprint.

You will experience the contrast between the real countryside and your code.

In one moment you will smell a cow poop, pick veggies in the garden for lunch, talk to the villagers and right after you will enter the mode of coding, collaboration, and building the future on your keyboard. 

As part of the International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC) 2023 Satellite Events you will be encouraged to propose performances, discussions about art, technology, and everything in between.

You can also see other satellite events in the conference website.

The event would also provide an opportunity to showcase to the local community livecoding as an artistic discipline in support of technological literacy. For this very reason, people interested in learning about real-time multimedia art will also be welcomed.

Book your spot for 101€
Pay the extra 350€ upon arrival.
Limited to 12 spots only
Alejandro is Livecoding in Sende
Alejandro livecoding concert in Sende. Photo: Wojtek


Closest airports are in Porto, Vigo, and Santiago de Compostela and Madrid (with a fast train to Ourense).

When you book, we will provide you with the info-pack where you can connect with others and share the bus or ride to the village.

Arrival on May 1st, departure on May 6th.

You will be accommodated in different village houses which are part of Sende coliving space. 4000+ people from all over the world have been staying and creating from this place during the last 10 years.

We take food and eating seriously, so you will eat very well and food is included in the cost of this event. 3 meals, unlimited coffee, fresh water from the mountain, and local Galician dishes. No worries if you have any special dietary or allergies, you will let us know.

During the events in Sende everyone collaborates in the cooking, cleaning up, and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

But also, everything is optional.

When we are not coding, you may go for a hike, or you might visit other villages, or maybe you will get dirty and creative in the garden, or in the tool workshop.

Full price of this event is 451€.  It is a non-profit event and all money goes on event organization. This is a small happening, and at the moment it's completely self-funded.

If you cancel it before April 15th you can get full refund.

Sende has 2 coworking spaces and a few gardens. Wi-Fi speed from 180Mbps (up/down).

Alejandro is organising the fully practical program, where we are going to have a lot of space to code, build, test, and play.


This project is initiated by Alejandro Sanchez, who stayed in Sende last year. Alejandro was also livecoding a concert when the idea for this event sparked.

Together with María and Edo from Sende, we decided that this village needs more code artists and to organize this event once a year.

Alejandro's project under the the pseudonym Bito started in 2022. He is interested in reasearch and development of software resilience and its application to multimedia art archival.

Bito is livecoding concert
Bito livecoded performance during Mars College 2022.
Projection and photo: drmbt

About Sende

Sende is a social project, the first coworking and coliving space in a rural area. Born before coliving became mainstream and the synonym for gentrification in the cities.

Here are organized different events every year, like Bosquexo (festival of illustrators) which celebrates this year 10 years. Bitsommar, video gaming event, many events on conflict transformation and peace building, in 2015 a Hackathon for Refugees, etc.

Any questions? 

A few days after booking the event you will receive the info-pack with all basic information (how to arrive, what to bring, and all other practicalities).

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