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Training: How to start and run a successful coworking and coliving space

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With Edo Sadikovic, co-founder of Sende

This training deconstructs why our coliving space gets fully booked every year. You will be able to operate a sustainable coworking and coliving space with the help of our methodology (designed for this training).

*Built for already existing, and future coliving spaces.

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At the moment, there is an "unlimited" market for small, community oriented coworking and coliving spaces.

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Small spaces like ours cannot fullfill this growing market, even if we build 20 more Sende spaces around the world.

We are receiving up to 8x more requests than we can accommodate. Covid accelerated this trend, no one knows where it will stop.

Remote work and digital nomadism is growing. That's why coworking and coliving are here to stay. These digital workers can do miracles from their lap tops, but they still need a space to live, work, eat, and make friends.

And yet there are only a few spaces out there that do a good job (for the same reason they are always booked as well).

After this training course, you will learn everything we know, and you will be able to build, run, and market a successful coworking and coliving space.

You will receive a a complete business methodology, workshops, how-to, templates, campaigns, concepts, activities, automatizations…

You will learn what works for us, and what doesn't.

For example, very common mistake among coliving founders is thinking that running a coliving space is the same as running Airbnb apartments.

Spoiler: It’s a completely different industry.

In this training, we also teach how to fix this mistake.

Who is teaching and about us?

Edo Sadikovic, co-founder of Sende will be teaching this course.

Sende is one of the oldest rural coworking and coliving space in the world.

We hosted 4000+ people from more than 60 countries in our tiny village, on the mountains, in the middle of nowhere.

Now we are launching our second space in Setubal, Portugal by using the exact flow from this training.

If we could do it, anyone can.

After nine years, we decided to start working with future spaces (like yours) interested in building a sustainable coworking and coliving space.

A place which gets constant demand and gets fully booked in a matter of days. A place that almost runs on its own. We built our own small systems and now you are about to receive these systems within this training.

Sende started back in those days when people realised that they can type on their keyboard and do the work from any place in the world.

We are living with digital nomads and remote workers from it's beginnings since almost 10 years ago.

We were watching how this industry and the market grows. We saw good sides, and not so good sides of it.

We were lucky to be part of building and inventing this (rural) digital nomadism culture since 2013.

Enter Edo: 


We have decided to start build this training course, because we are constantly getting calls to help other coliving spaces start or improve their business. We have collected all possible missunderstandings and mistakes which are repeating in small coliving spaces all over the world. And answered them in this course.

I have exchanged emails and private messages with almost 10000 digital nomads in the last 9 years and not because I love emailing, but because I was so determined to understand how this new remote, coworking, and coliving culture works.

Thousands of emails and all conversations during the last 9 years with our guests from 60+ countries became a book of notes where I have deconstructed how people find coliving spaces, why they come or reject to come to Sende, what triggers them online and why they choose one coliving space over another.

This book of notes became our “golden document” which helped us understand this market to its tiny bits. And I am happy to share everything I know with you. I converted 10 years of notes, conversations, and observations into one full training on coworking and coliving.

Before we start building any new campaign, I open my notes and start from there.

Coliving space is like one huge Transformers robot built of many tiny (and simple) elements. It is very powerful, but if one small screw doesn't work, everything stops.

This summer, our whole season Sende was booked in a 24 hours and 122 persons ended on the waiting list.

If we didn't close the booking, we predict that this waiting list would grow up to 400+ persons.

This huge interest happens because the market of remote workers is becoming very big, and it will grow. At the same time coliving spaces are growing like mushrooms but there is only a few of them that work well.

This huge need for a space is not answered on the market. And this is where your space comes in.

Testimonials and screenshots which speak about Edo Sadikovic and Sende
The latest LinkedIn big report recommended Edo Sadikovic as a follow to person on coliving.
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Testimonials and screenshots which speak about Edo Sadikovic and Sende
Please zoom to see a few reviews and mentions about Sende and Edo. For more, please search reviews on our social media, Google, Twitter...

How this training works? 

A You will receive the access to the course (50+ lessons).

Lessons come with real examples on what works in this business (not hypothesis of what might work in a coliving industry).

Many lessons come with downloadable material, scripts, templates, and workflows.

Imagine this training as a puzzle of 100 easy to understand pieces. Each piece is a part of lesson, (it could be a theoretic part which explains why something works, or it is a communication and marketing campaign which performs well, or a document with a template).

You will get to learn what each piece of this puzzle do, and where to place it.

B And when you complete all lessons, you will receive a three 45 minute calls with Edo where you can clarify or ask anything you wish (about this training, or about your space, or about the possible idea for your coliving).

Edo will guide you until you or your team connects all pieces together.

C Edo will also analyse your website and your online presence (if you have one) and write a short paper with possible suggestions and improvements.

This feedback could be as important as the whole training. We were training our eye for years on spotting what coworking and coliving spaces spaces are missing in order to work well.

D And last, but not least, the biggest possible benefit of this training is a checklist. A checklist that you will receive after you training. And if your space completes this checklist, we will write an honest review of your space and send it to our community (almost 6500+ persons who are in search of spaces like Sende).

We send only 2 emails per year to our community to inform about our booking opening. Last year we only sent one, on April 7th and the whole Sende was booked in a same night with 120+ who couldn't make it to book on time.

We promise that your space will become part of our email, in case you complete our checklist, so hunderds of people who are looking for a coliving space can go and stay with you.

We are super careful with our community. Until now we were recommending only 3 spaces because we can't say to our community who fully trusts us to go to some random space, spends money on ticket + on space, and end up disappointed.

For the same reason we build this course. We want to "verify" other spaces in order to recommend it to our clients. We could never recommend some other a space to our guests who will spend a few thousands of euros on travel, and other costs in your space until we know it's legit.

What are you going to learn in this course?

This course is divided in 6 big chapters. Each chapter comes with lessons. Here is the brief explanation behind each chapter: 

1. Understand the context and business of coliving

In this chapter, we are explaining the big why our space gets fully booked within 24 hours (for the whole season) and how to achieve the same result. Here we un-zoom the picture behind this business model.

This chapter is full of A-ha moments where we get to really understanding the business behind community-oriented coliving spaces, the culture, the market, and how to apply all of this on our business.

Here you are going to receive the map with 100 pieces which are needed to run a coliving space. This is the context. Think of it as the box of puzzles, where you can see the completed photo of the puzzle on the top of the card box.

And then we are going to connect all these pieces in the following chapters.

For example 1/100: One piece of this puzzle is the tiny lesson on why 30-days is optimal stay in a coworking and coliving space. And in what specific condition you can brake this rule and what could happens if we don't respect this rule.

2. How to construct your space and build new features

Here we are going to share our complete building process. How we dream, plan, estimate, sketch, design, test UX, source material, and finally construct.

You may use this chapter to build the whole space from scratch or to build specific elements of your space like standing desks.

What is important to build, what is waste of time (this is our golden lesson in this chapter which saved us a lot of money).

Learn our problem-solving approach, and you may find here the special lesson on building a team of construction workers.

Our team of two had zero experience with building and repairing houses and spaces.

And after 10 years, we mastered this part. We created one straight-forward process and you will learn how we design and build houses, spaces, and even furniture.

You will get methodology, processes, and design ideas.

This lesson is not about how to hold a hammer. It's about building new worlds, together with a team of people.

Bonus: You will even get our sketches on building Sende Portugal and arquitecture marketing.

Example from this chapter 2/100: Learn how to build a pool of construction workers and how to build a wonderful relationship with them (today in 2022/23, it is very difficult to find available construction workers).

Another example 3/100: Get a template of our Community work board with real examples. This document helped us to build so many nice features in Sende and bond our community.

3. How to build a community and manage human relationships

If you have strong community, you business can run forever.

Everyone speaks about the importance communities, but how to build one?

In this lesson you will learn how we build and manage community (from our onboarding process to group building activities, community management, conflict, rules, and behavioural design).

We will share our communication protocol with groups, and with individuals. Get our welcome messages, welcome speeches, house "rules", and programmes.

Learn how to create the feeling of the group and build colourful friendships, how to run online community, how your guests should be your community manager and why is this good for the space...

In this chapter we also cover the conflict management, because you want to create environment without conflicts or with positive conflicts, while avoiding negative conflicts.

Edo happens to be a trainer on conflict-resolution with Youth Peace Ambassadors.

We built a simple methodology (for the purpose of this training course)  on how to build communities that can be easily deployed in your space.

4. Communication, branding, marketing and sales

This could be the most important lesson for many spaces who already started to work.

This is the longest and the most detailed chapter with examples, templates, how-to lessons, concepts, and advices.

In this chapter you will learn how to communicate this new generation of well-educated internet people who travel the world. It's like new language. You will learn what are the big No-Nos and how to do brave communications and brave campaigns (with methodology and templates).

You will receive our full marketing blueprint, "Buttefly gardening" system, how to target specific groups of people that you want to see in your space, our campaigns that worked, and others that didn’t. You will get campaigns that could be completely copied, and most importantly the know-how on how to think, design, and build campaigns for (y)our market (even if you are not a marketer).

In this chapter, we tie everything together so you can understand the whole marketing and sales "machine" behind the coliving space. 

Learn to build your brand slowly through specific campaigns.

After this chapter, you should start getting constant bookings. Forever.

If you buy this course just to get this chapter, it's completely worth it, because you will pay it back with max 3 clients.

5. Operations (management, logistics, bookings)

How to run operations of a coworking and coliving space. In this chapter we will share how we handle bookings, logistics, emails, small problems, how we turn of "fires", repairs, cleaning, and practical communication.

Receive our email sequences, our automated processes and Zapier automatizations, our booking system (you will be able to copy and paste it), learn about optimal stays. 

How we minimise bureaucracy through systems.

We spend 9 years simplifying this process and figuring out what works in order to enjoy time with our guests instead of running around and micromanaging.

Booking templates of Sende
Receive our simple booking system

Bloored image from Sende bookings
and all other templates we use on daily basis to make our operations run smoothly.

6. Business and future

This is the most surprising part of this training.

This business is not just about renting beds and desks. In this chapter I will share 6 proven ways to monetise your space. This is like having 6 different incomes with only one business.

We will also share other possible models we carefully follow (ones that are not tested from our side, but probably working).

Here we will go through the pricing and all other small details which are important in a term of business, vision, and the context.

We are also predicting future in this lesson and sharing with you logical business models which are becoming the next trend in this industry. Learn where we want to be in the future and why you could consider the same.

Here we will be updating interesting changes in the industry, new products, so even when you complete the course, you will receive updates.


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Full price is 2350€ (includes TAX). Price increase after each update. You pay once and get free updates for free.

 After booking the course, we will email you details to complete the payment and to join the training.

- Get the full training on how to build and run and promote your coliving space

- Receive Sende paper which analyses your space, provides suggestions, ideas, campaigns, and specific improvements

- Three 45-min calls with Edo

- Get a full marketing boost. We will tell our community about your space. 6500+ digital nomads who are looking for an alternative to Sende will hear about your space in a form of honest review which says that your space completed and implemented learnings from this course *

*Only when the checklist with learnings is completed