Sende is a rural coworking and coliving space in northern Spain

Mountain houses and gardens optimized for getting your job done. Enjoy the company of like-minded people, homemade food, and supportive ambiance. Located in 20 inhabitants village.

Creatives and engineers from these companies also come to Sende

🏔️ 😷  We will open in June.  As you might know, places are very, very limited, so please book your spot on time.

Two digital nomads sitting on the bench in Sende and working online in the nature
A girl playing with the horse during her walk
Two girls are standing near the road sign of Sende which shows the location of the village
A group of young people sitting on the stairs in the village. This photo is leads to the Contact page

If a spectacular view  is not enough, you may find here 🛏️ and kitchen with open source recipes 🍝 and creative workspaces (read: the bar in the office and sweet corners with birds and flowers).

You can meet some fantastic people on this mountain from all over the world who are here to work or to host an event.

Sende is an ideal location for hiking🚶🏾 and biking 🚴🏻. You can actually cross the border with Portugal, see wild horses, by following the mountain trail.

Also we organize different retreats so you can join us at one of the Spanish islands or we can just go camping on the Portuguese coast.

Book your stay in Sende
490€ to 580€/ month for the use of all facilities
Wilde village pool near Sende. Place where digital nomads go to for a swimm when they are not working

When we are not working, we are probably spending time at one of the natural swimming pools, hiking or discovering nearby villages.

When you wake up in the morning, there are no traffic lights and other micro stresses.

You just grab your freshly squeezed orange juice and a coffee and you get to work.As we like to say, Sende is a place where deadline does not hurt.

Our long dinners are very "serious". It's the place where many important decisions, partnerships and ideas are made.

Our productivity tools that will help you work better:

🍃 Fresh mountain air for a good sleep (we recommend 9h sleep, with the optional siesta). In the summer, the sunset is around 22:30, so you will have a plenty of daylight.

⛲ Pick a fountain or a tap and drink a fresh water that comes directly from the spring.

🦉 You may pause Spotify and listen to singing birds and streaming water while working. Nature is everywhere you look.

🍅 Food is cooked and ingredients are coming from the village gardens and local markets. You will eat well while knowing who planted tomatoes. We created menus for the productivity while BBQ is reserved for the lazy days.

🐢 Feel free to do some sports. In Sende you can swim, hike or ride a bike.

👩🏾  Reserve your spot here as places are getting booked months ahead.


Bosquexo is a rural sketchers meeting that gathers professional and amateur illustrators to draw in nature. A week of intense drawing, concerts and exhibitions.

Sende organises international trainings. We are specialised in conflict-transformation, peacebuilding and social entrepreneurship.

In partnership with professional educators we host participants from all over the world, from Armenia, vía Cameroon, all the way to Colombia to attend our programs.

Project Writing Meetup is an event that gathers project (grant) writers to work on their deadlines.We have developed methodology that helps organization finish their project applications and increase chances of getting the project approved.

Get in touch if your organization wants to attend one of our project writing events.

Local community: 

1. 80% of the things we buy comes from a local shop, 2 restaurants, and 3 nearby bakeries.

2. Sende cooperate and provide jobs to locals.

3. We sent more than a hundred of persons from Spain to participate in International seminars (free of charge).

Come to Sende

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Roy who visited Sende tells about his experience at our place
Screenshot from Espacio Arroelo's tweet about their stay in Sende

Come for the nature, stay for the amazing people - starting with the founders themselves, Maria & Edo! They've managed to foster community spirit by sharing food and meals, trips and hikes, even hammocks and cats! They've brought back to life centuries-old stone houses and created spaces to work - both indoors and outdoors.

Did I mention mushroom hunting, fresh bread delivered daily, the natural pool, the TED talks, or the nightly family dinners?
Everyone needs to experience what Sende offers - tranquility, inspiration, even productivity!

I came to Sende based on the recommendations I found here. Other than that, I did not have any expectations and I just came for a month. When I arrived, it was love at first sight.

I fell in love with Sende. This place is amazing for work, relax, focus, creativity and everything else you need.

The best thing about Sende are the hosts - Maria and Edo. After a couple of days, it felt like visiting a family.

On their website they say "we are not a hotel" this is true - because Sende is something much better. Sende is an experience. Experience of friendship, co-living, co-working, co-cooking, sharing and caring for each other, giving and receiving. Amazing people come here. You can be one of them.

I will come back for sure.

P.S. Sometimes you can "smell the countryside", there is no AC or TV in the rooms, so if you care about that, Sende is not for you. :D :D :D