Sende Portugal coworking and coliving space in illustration

Sende Portugal

We are building another space in Portugal. This will be coliving and coworking space, but with different “rules”.
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In the countryside near Setubal, colorful fishermen town. Setubal is a bay on the Atlantic coast. Only 35 minutes from Lisbon airport. Sende 2 is being built under the shade of cork and oak trees. 20 minutes from the closest beach.  

Building process (working on now):

We are rebuilding one house that will be used as the first coworking space and the kitchen.

At the same time, we are planning to build spaces to work under the trees. There is almost 3ha of the land. Pretty big.

Also, there is plan to build an open-air tool-workshop where we draw, build anything, and experiment (together).

Even though Covid-19 slowed down the building process, we managed to bring electrictiy, water (huge team effort), and fiber optics (fast internet connection).

The first space and the kitchen are almost built.

– At the moment we are busy launching is our new online program that deconstructs jobs of digital nomads for you.

– We are also getting to know neighbours and local community.

– Building crowdfunding project for Sende Portugal.

Who can come?

It will be open to anyone who wants to work on their own project while coworking and coliving. Only “problem” is that spaces are going to be very limited.As we are creating a crowdfunding project, during the first years most of the visitors will be coming through this crowdfunding support.

How Sende Portugal will operate?

We are are designing special kind of stay where you will get involved in real life challenges while solving difficult problems with creative people.We will connect digital nomads’s skills with specific rural challenges from all over the world.You will directly work on the project that could save or improve lives of people you will even get to meet afterwards. You will work on your own project of course, but you will also get involved in helping communities.


While rebuilding Sende, we are also planning first events:

1. Training on Alternative narratives, together with Youth Peace Ambassadors Network. Dates are not confirmed yet, but people from more than 10 countries will be coming to Portugal

2. Meetups with entrepreneurship community of Setubal

3.  Creativity programes with professors from Setubal, together with our team members experienced in social education. (Planning, not confirmed yet)

Get in touch

If you want to reach out to us, just message us on Instagram (where we document our process).

or via or come to Sende Spain.

Illustration/collage on top: Ena