The best way to contact Sende is via this form:

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We love to receive very short messages. Like short, short.

We might answer even faster if you write us on any social media.

We are trying not to do scheduled calls (like Zoom or Skype calls). Only if it's super necessary.

Sende's blue house

But we enjoy conversations a lot.
After the first email we can plan the future collaboration :). When It makes sense for both.

If you want to partner-up with Sende and do fun and impactful projects together just write us.

For example, this is a collaboration we are not interested in: 

"Hey let's host yoga retreat in Sende".

Yoga is cool, but we don't do yoga events. People who come to Sende practice yoga often. They just say: "Hey, tomorrow at 08:00AM we do yoga on the blue terrace". And that's it.

Collaborations we are interested in: 

1. "Hey shall we do creative coding event in Sende and do art with tech, while involving neighbours and abandoned houses".


2. "Hey let's build innovative tree house that is also affordable and share the blueprint so anyone can build it".


3. "Hey let's bring whole Yugoslavia to Sende and just do fun educational projects. In peace. While singing near the camp fire".

Yes. You got the point. Feel free to surprise us with an idea and get in touch. With a short message. Like short, short.

We can do stuff together at our mountain in Galicia in Spain, or near the Atlantic coast in Portugal (Sende 2), or anywhere in the world.

Because Sende is not just the space, but all the people who have been with us.