Events are super important part of Sende. If you come to visit us as a digital nomad, you will probably take part in one educational, creative, and fun events.

Hat talk is like Ted talk, but with a hat. If you stay in Sende means that you can deliver one talk.

Topic can be anything you find useful for others.

This event that takes place on a random day at 19h. There are approximately 3 Hat talks per week during the digital nomad season (June to November).

Other events: 

Sende trip: Digital nomads trips in Portugal and Spain. One of the first events of Sende, ever.

Bosquexo, annual drawing festival.
 The best forest drawing event in the nature.

Project writing meetup – For people who write project applications. This is not boring version.

International youth exchanges and trainings on innovation, entrepreneurship, conflict-transformation, robotics… (3 to 5 per year)

Hackathon for refugees - it's exactly that. We were looking for solutions for refugees escaping crazy dictatorships.

Soon many more