Sende (co)organize and hosts events every year.
All our events are not typical village events.

Our most popular event is Bosquexo, annual drawing festival and in 2021 we are celebrating 8th edition.

We are also co-organizing Bitsommar, event which gathers gaming industry professionals and amateurs.

Beside that if you visit Sende you will probably join one of the Hat talks.

Hat talk is like Ted talk, but with a hat.

Topic can be anything you find useful for others.

This event that takes place on a random day at 19h. There are approximately 3 Hat talks per week during the digital nomad season (June to November).

Other events that are being organized in Sende: 

Project writing meetup. Event that gathers people who write project applications.

Sende also organizes International youth exchanges and trainings on innovation, entrepreneurship, conflict-transformation, robotics… (3 to 5 per year)

In 2015 we organized Hackathon for refugees. Second edition was coorganized with Impact Hub Vigo in Vigo.