Our location is in Senderiz, Lobeira in northern Spain. See the location on the map.

The best way to reach our village is by car, plane or public transport.

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by Car

Use this GPS location or ask villagers about directions. They are both precise.

When in village, park on the main road. Blue pins on this map are parking spots.

Driving to Sende is so nice. Weekend drivers take these roads just to enjoy the nature.

by Plane

Closest airports are in Porto, Vigo and Santiago de Compostela. Only 2 hours drive to Sende or ~23 radio songs.

And since 2022, there is a fast train from Madrid, directly to Ourense (it takes only 2 hours). Book trains here: Renfe.com

From the airports you can take public transport or a Uber/Bolt/Taxi (especially form Porto, as there is no good connection). Currently the Bolt is cheapest, between 80€ and 100€.

Many people rent a car in Porto (Before Covid it was possible to rent it for 80€/month. Lately it's between 300€ - 500€.

by (local) Bus

If you are coming from Spain, reach Ourense first (train or bus).

From there, take the bus to Bande (1h drive, ~5EUR, driver takes only cash and he is very nice).

The new bus station is behind the train station.

Taxi from Ourense is from 50EUR to 70EUR. You may negotiate.

Local bus schedule

Bande – Ourense

Monday to Friday:









Ourense - Bande

Monday to Friday:



Saturday and Sunday: 



On your way to Sende, you will have a chance to enjoy a mix of famous cultural cities (Porto, Santiago de Compostela, Ourense or Vigo).

Yet, colourful and wildlife nature in Senderiz is the perfect contrast for your stay.

We recommend that you spend 80% of your time at our location. Get your work done or develop your next big thing right here.

Find a supportive community of people and cozy atmosphere. Rest of your time you can spend on having Port wine or speaking with the pilgrims of Santiago.

Safe trip.