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Sende Spain is open from June to November. We are informing vía email about first available spots.

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We email first about available spots and about new projects where you can build meaningful projects with Sende.

That's why the most of our bookings are coming from our "subscribers".

We will send you only a few emails per year, no worries.

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How much does Sende costs?

After your stay you may pay as much as you want. We are using all funds to run Sende, to build  Sende 2 in Portugal and to sponsor our programs. Our guests usually contribute from 450€ to 1200€ per month.

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Your stay in Sende works like this:

When you come, you will sleep in a shared room (or in the private if you book on time).

Sende is an experience, not a hotel.

There are 5 village houses, 2 coworking spaces, and 5 gardens.

We love cooking and good food.

There is a common kitchen where we all cook or help cooking.

Everyone (helps) cooks. But yes, it is optional. Everything is optional, and you are free to organise your workday as you wish.

We organise a groceries shopping and then we split food costs at the end of your stay. It costs around 10€/day for 3 or 4 meals, including drinks and deserts...

You will spend less money on the food than in any European city as you pay only your part of ingredients.

When you come here, you get a Sende membership.

This allows you to use our network of visitors, and to get to ask us anything about starting a business or marketing online, and much more.

You will even learn how to start a fire.

For some reason, many digital nomads are starting their business and nomad “career” from our place.

You may use all our facilities for a month and get access to our network and resources. At the end of your stay you may donate as much as you can.

This is a place where real work happens.

You come here, and you finish that thing you were struggling with.

Besides the inspiring indoor spaces, even our gardens are optimized for good work.

When we say optimized we mean the shade of grapevines, streaming water, singing birds, and a Wi-Fi.

We use fiber optics with average speed of 180mb.

When you are in Sende, besides long dinners where many new ideas and strategic partnerships are born, we organize excursions, concerts, and visits to other villages, small markets, the Atlantic coast etc. You will not get bored here and you will probably cry on the last day.

When you confirm your arrival, we will send you an info-pack with all practicalities and details.

If you pay and then change your mind you may cancel at least 14 days before your arrival, we will refund you the whole amount, no worries.

If you have any other questions, please send us mail:

Here are some frequently asked questions: 

Where this money goes to?

All the money goes on running Sende (electricity, internet, maintenance, rebuilding, staff salaries, building of Sende 2 in Portugal, on supporting local businesses and our social programs).

Who can come to Sende? 

Anyone who is working on a personal project or anyone has a remote job.

We do ask about your job or a project in the booking form.