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3 spots available now in November 2023.

We were fully booked for this summer with 150 people on the waiting list. However, we have received 3 last minute cancelations.

So, if you want to come now in September and stay until September 27th please send us an email or Instagram message.

How much does Sende costs?

Our guests usually contribute from 500€ to 1200€ for a monthly stay. From 350€ to 450€ for 15 days.

Plus extra costs for the food (which is around 10€ to 14€ per day per person for 4 meals that we all cook together).

This means that after your stay you may contribute as much as you want. Our minimum to operate and to be able to run Sende is 500€ (shared room) and 620€ private one, per person.

We are using all funds to run Sende, to build Sende 2 in Portugal and to sponsor our free programs.

Running Sende is expensive. That's why we depend on individual donations and support.

You may scroll down to check where the money goes.

How long can I stay? 

Minimum stay is one week and maximum one month.

We are encouraging everyone to stay one month (better for friendship, focus, and coliving in general). That's why all private rooms are for guests who book their 30-days stay (if booked on time of course).

Let's say that you want to come for only 27 days. In that case you should book 30 days stay, and you can show up a few days later, no problem.

How is food organised?

We buy a lot of groceries and we all cook meals.

So many people associate Sende with good food first.

In our space everyone (helps) cooks dinners and we turn. You cook one day with another person, then someone else cooks dinners for you during the whole week.

But yes, it is optional. Everything is optional, and if you don't like (learning) cooking, then you can set up or clean the table.

There is a common kitchen and indoor and outdoor dining space.

We organise groceries shopping and then we split food costs at the end of your stay. It usually costs from 10€-14€/day for 4 daily meals, including drinks and deserts...

You can always add on the list your personal preferences.

You will spend less money on the food than in any European city as you only pay your part of ingredients.

During the one month in our village you will forget on organising your food and meals, but you will eat super well.

There are always vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters in the group, so don't worry about the variety of the meals. Everyone enjoyes their own diet.

Your stay in Sende works like this:

When you come, you will sleep in a shared room (or in the private if you book on time).

Sende is an experience, not a hotel. Our mission is to build the best possible work experience.

But you will not get a 5 star accommodation.

There are 5 village houses, 2 coworking spaces, and 5 gardens. Your regular day happens inside of the village, between different houses, gardens, and spaces while greeting our neighbours on your way.

When you come here, you get a Sende membership. This allows you to reach out to anyone who ever stayed in Sende.

You may use all our facilities for a month and get access to our network and resources.

You will even learn how to start fire.

This is a place where real work happens.

You come here, and you finish that thing you were struggling with.

Besides the inspiring indoor spaces, even our gardens are optimized for good work.

When we say optimized we mean the shade of grapevines, streaming water, singing birds, and a Wi-Fi.

We use fiber optics with average speed of 180mbps.

When you are in Sende, besides long dinners where many new ideas and strategic partnerships are born, we organize excursions, concerts, and visits to other villages, small markets, the Atlantic coast etc. You will not get bored here and you will probably cry on the last day.

During your stay you may also join to support our community programs and tasks.

For some reason, many digital nomads are starting their business and nomad “career” from our place.

This is a place where real work happens.

You come here, and you finish that thing you were struggling with.

Where this money goes to?

All the money goes on running Sende, which includes: electricity, internet, maintenance, insurance, rebuilding, staff salaries, building of Sende 2 in Portugal, on supporting local businesses and our social programs.

How to reach Sende?

You may reach Senderiz by a car, plane, or a public transport.

Biggest closest town is Ourense. And there is a parking in the village.

Closest airports are in Porto, Vigo, and Santiago de Compostela. Since 2022, there is a fast train from Madrid to Ourense (it takes only 2 hours).

Check here all details about our location, timetables and other practical information.

Who is it for? 

Anyone who is working on a personal project or anyone with a remote job. But also a person who is open for coliving (where you support other colivers with small actions).

However, we don't accept tourists (people who just want to chill in the village during their vacations). Because people who come here to work on their projects, or to support our projects, they understand other guests better than a typical tourist who only wants to have fun, hikes, and relax.

Free time

Time in Sende runs slow, but it pass fulfilled and fast. When you are not working on your project you may organise excursions or hikes with other people.

But you can also build staff with tools and hands, work in garden, do sports, visit other villages, eat long dinners, laugh, learn from others, go on village markets, visit Portugal, visit Galician coast...

If you need extra side projects, we have plenty of them. You can do some really social and useful job with your skills and help small communities in Sende and around the world.

Pet friendly?
Not anymore :( 

We love animals, but we had big problems in the past, so we decided to stop accepting pets. Neighbours have hunting dogs, who are sometimes on the loose. They are also trained to kill other animals.

Also, Sende is full of village cats, and when someone brings a dog, we ruin the daily chill of village cats.

If we build safe environment for your pet in the future,
we will let you know.

How to book Sende?

Just fill the form. We will get back to you with a booking email and you will have 24 hours to complete the booking payment.

We collect 330€ deposit fee for stays longer than 15 days and 160€ fee for stays shorter than 15 days.

You may use this booking fee to pay for your food costs in Sende or get it back on your arrival. We collect fees to ensure that you will show up.

If you book and then change your mind you may cancel at least 14 days before your arrival, we will refund you the whole amount (minus Stripe fees which are a few euros). We can't refund after because we don't have enough time to replace your spot.

If you have any other questions, please send us mail:

We inform first vía email about available spots and booking date

92% of our bookings are coming from our "subscribers".

We will send you only 2 emails per year, no worries.

If you prefer to plan ahead your stay, this is the quickest way.

By leaving your email you also agree that we can email you back to inform you about free spots and opportunities with Sende.
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