Hike basecamp

June 23, 2024
Nemanja Knezevic
You may use Sende as a cross-border hike basecamp. Work on your project during the week and explore trails on the weekends.

Or just go deep in the forest in between your tasks, which is located just a 5 minutes from our coworking spaces.

Fontefria peak //

We started a hike from Pitoes das Junias and climbed Fontefria peak. The same peak we are looking over from Sende.

Exploring wolf poop, endemic flowers, wild goats and wild horses, and just admiring this trail in the only national park of Portugal, Geres (located to be right in front of Sende).

There is plenty to explore, from ultra light to very technical routes.

Portuguese and
Spanish border

Photos: Nemanja Knezevic

Text: Edo Sadikovic

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