We built a tool workshop

February 9, 2024
Edo Sadikovic
We are builders and makers. People who come to Sende are builders and makers. Next time you visit us, you may use new tool workshop located just in front of the coworking space from where we can build whatever we like.

To build that ideal piece of furniture which has very specific dimensions that just fits in that special corner is only possible with tools and hands.

We present you Sende's humble workshop. Located inside of an old stone house. From here we are repairing our spaces, make each corner of our coliving easier to use, a place where we build new prototypes, futures, art, new products, where we play while escaping a bit from the screens.

The space where woodworking meets robotics and flowers.

Camellia tree at the entrance of the workshop

Inside of this workshop we already built a bunch of things such as arcade with Dalal and Ana, custom made house doors and windows with Luis, shades, garden racks, even floors, and roofs.

We built video props, prototypes, sound and light systems, cat house, stairs. We fixed and refurbished old furniture, shelves for tools, shelves for books, we did many Bosquexo experiments...

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