Sende Trip

first trip was organized in 2014
Sende trip is exactly as it sounds. It's an event where you get to work on your project from the village, then we all move to work form another location

Think of this trip as Lara Croft's mission. In order to complete it, she travels to Syria, then to Siberia, then to Vietnam...

We do the same. Work a bit, then we move to do camping for 2 days on the island, or to the nearby village, or to the city (just for a brief) to network with their (innovation) community.

Why moving? 

Because Sende is changing how people work. Our mission is that you remember your work as something joyful.

There is a time to be productive, then there is time to chill while doing local cultural stuff that makes us grow.

Sende trip was one of our first ever events. It is one of the first digital nomads events in the world which involved working and moving.